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Ocean Nail Art Foil Kit 80 PCS + Gel

Ocean Nail Art Foil Kit 80 PCS + Gel

Ocean Nail Art Foil Kit 80 PCS + Gel

$ 60.00


This kit includes 80 different foil designs along with a bottle of Luck Transfer Sticky Gel 7ml

Each foil is approx. 5 inches long and width varies for each foil

*Please note: Foils in picture is only presentable to help you get an idea of which type of designs are included in this kit, each kit may vary foil designs,
Packaging of foil kit may vary and due to monitor screen settings, colors you see may be slightly different than the actual color of the product

This formulated gel morphs into a sticky layer after curing that will allow full cover transfer from nail foils. Use this transfer sticky gel to transfer any foil paper designs!

1. Ap
ply an even coat over any gel color (make sure to cleanse off the tacky layer of the base gel color prior to applying the Foil Transfer Gel)
2. Cure with LED lamp 36w for 30 seconds, or UV lamp 36w for 2 mins
3. Apply nail foil onto desired area where there's a sticky layer, and press down firmly to make sure the foil comes into contact with the entire sticky nail surface
4. Gently peel nail foil back, the transfer layer will stick onto gel surface
5. Seal with gossip strengthen gel or any builder gel you have then finish off with a non wipe top coat

Tips: Make sure to put the correct back side of the foil paper against your nails so the design can be transferred! Apply pressure on the foil again if there are some small parts of the foil did not get transferred the first time. 

 *Results vary due to gel brand so we recommend experiment/testing out the product to see how it works well with various gels and/or your brand nail products you use daily before testing on clients!

Copy and paste link into web to see video of the application with foil transfer gel!