Johhens: 3D Chameleon Arrowhead Collection

by Johens

$ 19.00
This series of nail art is very fashionable and easy to use.
 Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails.
 It makes your nails looks elegance and special.
 Apply each one separately.
 Must to see this unique Chameleon-like sequins collection of 3D arrowhead-shaped decoration.  The sequins are approximately 3mm x 4mm in length and width. These are perfect for an easy 3D textured design with a chameleon-like effect when you shift them in the light.
 These sequins are all made with cosmetic grade films by PET and are solvent resistant.
 Size: 3x4mm
 Color: Chameleon Pava, Feminist, Mars, Earth, Angel and Carmen.
 6x in 2g (by volume) Johens jar / approx.: 0.60g/jar
 with Johens quality control pass
  *Please note packaging may vary and due to monitor screen settings, colors you see may be slightly different than the actual color of the product

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