Charms - E Series 1-112 sampler set! 68% OFF retail!!

$ 56.00

Sizes varies, check the original posting of each charm for exact size listed.  This is a samplier set that contain the entire collection of E series with 1 charm each style/color included.  Great to mix and match and we have discounted this set so everyone can try out different charms in this serie.  The charms if purchase individual pieces are 75 cents a piece, but with this set it breaks down to 27 cents a piece!  The lowest price we've ever offer on charms!! 65% off retail price

They are reusable and are slightly curved on the back to fit the surface of your nails.


Apply nail glue on the desired area, best to apply over finished manicure or finished gel manicure.

The listing is for 112 pieces.

Please use the photo as a reference.  Color might differ slightly due to the screen setting.  Please note that the result of each piece will vary from item to item.  These results are characteristic of the nature of the product.

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