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Pigments - Compilation of all our holo pigments available!

Designer: ocean nail supply

$ 30.00

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**Note: Each item is sold separately unless otherwise stated.  Please read carefully on which items you are selecting.

Holo 1 gram - This is a Holo hue pigment, holographic pigment that's available in 1 gram.  But it will be in a 5 gram container so it will look almost empty.  lol.  But the quality is no joke.  Rub over the cured gossip gel to get the instant holographic effect over any gel polish.  Afterward seal with a top gel.  We recommend purchasing the gossip gel with this item as it holds the holo better.  The gossip strengthen gel is recommended to do a hard gel overlay which prevent chipping and makes the holo last longer on the nails

Galaxy holo 1.8 g - Use it over cured gossip gel. Rub on with an applicator or silicone tool. Then seal with gossip strengen gel then apply a no wipe top coat.  

Rainbow holo 2 g -  Similar to the other pigments, use it over cured gossip gel. Rub on with an applicator or silicone tool. Then seal with gossip strengen gel then apply a no wipe top coatl. This is similar to the 1 gram in the pink jar but slightly larger particles.  The color is also more vibrant than the holo 1 gram.

Gold holo 2 g - Finally a gold holo pigment!!  Use it over cured gossip gel.  We suggest using a yellow gel color as a base to bring out more of the gold tone.  The jar is 5 gram and there's 2 grams of product and that's why it will appear to be low in the jar.

for the holo 1g, rainbow holo 2 g and gold holo 2 g

Instruction as followed

Use your color gel of choice and cure. 
Apply gossip gel
cure 30 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV.
Wipe with cleanse or 99% alcohol  . (some customer has reported that this makes it last longer)
Apply the pigment with the applicator and rub until smooth.
Dust off the excess powder.
Apply gossip strengthen gel as it prevent it from chipping and makes it last longer on the nails
Seal with top gel of your choice.
**recommend to purchase Gossip gel no wipe and Gossip gel strengthen with your pigments to get the desired effect.
Ocean holo 5 g - This product contains 5 grams of holo pigment. The holo pigment in the pink jar is still finer. This is the more "chunkier" version of the glitter. Although it is still very shiny but the effect is a slightly different. Please check the photo posted on our Instagram for reference
EZ holo pigment - EZ means it's easy to use. You don't need gossip gel or any other no wipe gel as a base for the holo pigment. Simply apple after you cure gel color or regular top gel that still leaves a tacky layer. Rub on the pigment and dust off the excess. Seal with top gel (gossip strenthen gel is recommended)

Instructions on how to apply Ocean holo 5 g, EZ holo 4 g
***The gossip gel is NOT needed for the 5 gram holo
Apply color gel
Apply holo pigment and use the tacky layer of the gel to stick on the pigments.
Dust off extra holo pigment
Apply gossip strengthen gel as a hard gel overlay to prevent chipping and make it last longer on the nails.
Seal with a no wipe top coat




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