Swarovski Mixed Pack Round Flatback Xantus IIII 396 PCS


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Swarovski Crystals Mixed Pack in a jar -

 Xantus IIII 396 PCS

*This version slightly differs from the first as some colors are discontinued and had to be exchanged. Pieces and prices were changed accordingly.*


This product includes the following items:

SS5 Crystal Clear HFT 72 pcs            $4.75
SS18 AB 36 pcs                                  $8.75
SS8 Jet 72 pcs                                    $4.75
ss12 Mint Alabaster HFT 72 pcs          $4.75
SS16 Mint Alabaster HFT 36 pcs        $4.25
SS12 Pacific Opal  72 pcs                  $5.25
SS20 Chalk White 36pcs                    $5.50

                                        Subtotal=   $38.00

                                               + Jar   $1.00= $39.00 

 *Please note packaging may vary and due to computer/mobile screen settings, color(s) you see may be slightly different than the actual color of the product

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