Pigments - EZ holo pigment available in 4 grams {recommend over cured color gel}

$ 30.00

Brand ocean nail supply





This is a EZ holo pigment,  EZ means it's easy to use.  You don't need gossip gel or any other no wipe gel as a base for the holo pigment.  Simply apple after you cure gel color or regular top gel that still leaves a tacky layer.  Rub on the pigment and dust off the excess.  Seal with top gel (gossip strenthen gel is recommended) 

***The gossip gel is NOT needed for the 4 gram holo

The gossip strengthen gel is recommended to do a hard gel overlay which prevent chipping and makes the holo last longer on the nails

Instructions on how to apply this 4 gram holo pigment:

Apply color gel
Apply EZ holo pigment
Dust off extra EZ holo pigment
Apply gossip strengthen gel as a hard gel overlay to prevent chipping and make it last longer on the nails.
Seal with a no wipe top coat

***The gossip gel is NOT needed for the 4 gram holo
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