Swarovski® Crystals Crystalpixie Comic Pop/Candy Land/Starry Night/Exotic East

$ 21.99

Brand Swarovski

**Note: Each item is sold separately and set of 4 is available Please look at sub text under the item name to see what you have selected to purchase

Step by Step Instructions for Swarovski® Crystalpixie APPLICATION OF CRSYTALPIXIE WITH TRADITIONAL NAIL POLISH

STEP 1: Apply two base coats of nail polish and let dry and apply the top coat.

STEP 2: Pour Swarovski Crystalpixie over the wet top coat. (Place a container under your nail as you pour the Crystalpixie to catch the loose pixie so you can pour it back into the bottle to use again.)

STEP 3: Gently press and compact the Crystalpixie into the wet top coat and gently brush off the excess Pixie to obtain clean edges and let dry.

STEP 4: Apply top coat to the edges of the Crystalpixie design to seal for longer wear.