Presto Art Gel Set [Jar] - All 10 Colors

$ 121.50

Brand Presto

Presto Art Gel Set [Jar] - All 10 Colors [NEW]

*any order with AMO1 will be shipped in January*

Art Gel in 2g size. Smudge proof art gel. Smooth texture and spreads well evenly. Allows you to draw extremely thin lines for better designs with gel. 
Compatible with LED and UV lights ��Curing time��Presto LED Light Ange/Pesca: 20 sec./36W UV: 120 sec. 
These are designed for art purposes only. Art gel contains more pigment than color gels. Use proper amount to prevent uncured areas. To prevent cracking or lifting, please avoid applying to large areas.

each item for presto gel at regular price will come with a 50pcs of Japanese decoration or 25pcs thick frame

**Note: Each item is sold separately and the gel color may slightly varies from the picture shown
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