Swarovski Mixed Size Set Crystal AB

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Swarovski® Crystals AB mixed pack 400pcs or 1440pcs

Sizes may change at anytime depending on inventory. 

Quantity will remain the same

**Note: Each item is sold separately

Please look at subtext under the item name to see what you have selected to purchase

There are currently 3 different types of AB mix pack.

AB 400pcs
80 pieces of ss5
80 pieces of ss7
80 pieces of ss9
80 pieces of ss12
80 pieces of ss14

AB 1,440pcs
288 pieces of ss6
288 pieces of ss8
288 pieces of ss10
288 pieces of ss12
288 pieces of ss14

 AB 360pcs
144 pieces of ss5
72 pieces of ss10 
72 pieces of ss14
72 pieces of ss20 

Sizes for each packs may change at any moment depending on availability

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