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Swarovski Nail Art create your style Neutrals 4

Designer: Swarovski

$ 3.99 $ 7.99

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New packaging available for a package of ss5 58 crystals total, or a package ss7 58 crystals total or a package of ss9 58 crystals total.

Create Your Own Style with Swarovski Crystal Nail Art

Recognized for its innovative excellence and collaborations with top designers, Swarovski is bringing its fashion, style and unmatched crystal brilliance to your manicures.

For over a century, Swarovski has been dedicated to making the world’s finest crystals, which are a fusion of science, art and love. Though we take great pride in seeing Swarovski crystals glittering across fashion runways, we are just as amazed and inspired to see how talented individuals include us in their extraordinary nail art creations.

Swarovski Crystals Nail Art consists of a variety of crystals, pearls and metallic shapes, as well as our latest innovation, Swarovski Crystalpixie for nails. Each package comes with step by step instructions along with several different design ideas. Perfect for the novice or professional use; do it yourself or ask your manicurist to do it for you!

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