Multi Function Tweezer/ Clip

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$ 15.00

Multi function tweezer/ clip that can be used to pick up substance as well be used as a nail clamp

"Press the intersection of the clip tightly with hand, loosening the nip and putting between objects, you can fix objects after loosening hand easily

It can be used in Gel Nail- Clamp the hard crystal nails and let it fixed into an arc to form it into a structured nail base easily"

Product Features:

- Rust Resistant Stainless Steel

- Classic Tweezer Shape

- Versatile tips

- Quality Sharpening and Smooth Application Control

- Polished with Chromium (III) Oxide paste to render tools rust and disinfectant resistant.

- Specially adjusted programs of thermal treatment in vacuum ovens to ensure durability.

*Please note packaging may vary, due to monitor screen settings, colors you see may be slightly different than the actual color of the product, and pictures are enlarged to see product features, we recommend experimenting with the tool before using it on clients

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