4927 Swarovski Rhombus Tribe Crystal AB FS

$ 12.00
$ 10.00

4927 Swarovski Rhombus Tribe Crystal AB FS  14 x 12 mm

The Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone is part of the exclusive Designer Edition "Tribute to Tribe" created by filmmaker and environmentalist C?line Cousteau, the granddaughter of the famous French explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau. The crystals in this symbolic collection represent the strong bond between humans and nature by incorporating tribal patterns that are traditionally tattooed or painted onto bare skin. The inspiration for the collection comes from one of C?line Cousteau's projects that took her to the Brazilian Amazon, where she spent time with an indigenous tribe. Her unique experiences led to this exceptional Designer Edition, which Swarovski is proud to have in its assortment. Swarovski crystals are Made in Austria.

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