Natural Gemstone

$ 4.50
$ 3.00

One of our new natural gemstone collection.  You can use it by itself or use in a cluster with other decorations or Swarovski Crystals.  We suggest to use nail glue or Gossip diamond gel to secure it on the nail. 

Content a random shape and sizes of stones in the color family.  5 gram jar and contains approx. 2 grams in volume.

Each color available separately or/and as a set of 4

 The natural gemstone set of 4 includes 1 of each color

Rose Quartz

Regular cost total: $12
sale cost: $8.40

Save $3.60 when you purchase the set of 4!

 *Please note: Each item and set is sold separately, color(s) may differ due to computer/mobile screen setting and packaging may vary

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