EZ holo pigment

$ 30.00
$ 24.45

 The EZ holo pigment is available in 3 grams. It is recommend over cured color gel

***The gossip gel is NOT needed for this pigment

The gossip strengthen gel is recommended to do a hard gel overlay which prevent chipping and makes the holo last longer on the nails

Instructions on how to apply:

Apply color gel
Apply EZ holo pigment
Dust off extra EZ holo pigment
Apply gossip strengthen gel as a hard gel overlay to prevent chipping and make it last longer on the nails.
Seal with a no wipe top coat

**Other use of brands for the base/hard gel overlay may vary the results of the effect so we highly recommend to experiment before applying onto customers to see which results you prefer and brands that works well with the pigment

**Note: Each item is sold separately and packaging may varies
Please look at sub text under the item name to see what you have selected to purchase





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