Preciosa Crystal Faerie for Nails

$ 35.00
$ 29.99
The Preciosa Crystal Faerie Collection will provide the ultimate texture and sparkle for your clients. Crystal Faerie is composed of tiny crystal balls and double-cones, each sized, shaped and polished to shimmering perfection. Preciosa double-cones provide the largest surface area and account for the highest composition ratio similar products for nails, which means the colors are truer, the shine is brighter and the overall impact is higher.

Crystal Faerie has undergone rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting, textured shine that is easy to apply and remove.

Like all Preciosa products, this product is made only from the highest quality raw materials and is 100% produced in the Czech Republic. It is considered to be LEAD FREE with less than .009% PPM lead content.

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