Swarovski Fine Rocks AB Unfoil

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Swarovski Crystals Fine Rocks AB
Delightful filigree that makes a dazzling statement
Anyone who likes delicate filigree work will just love Crystal Fine Rocks by Swarovski, with its feminine, luxurious look and vintage feel never out of fashion.

With a refined surface structure created using small, double-pointed Chatons positioned closely together, Crystal Fine Rocks is a thin, lightweight and flexible crystal appliqué is fully washable.

Note: This product is not reusable 

Its' bejeweled surface gives a sumptuous shimmer to jewelry, textiles, soft furnishings, and accessories of all sorts—footwear, bags, and even cellphone covers.

Application Instructions:
Cut to size making sure to leave a free edge and adhere to nail by dabbing on Brush on Resin. Depending on the length you may also need to reinforce it by adding resin gel along the sides and cure it to provide longer wear on the nails.


Approx. Length 16 cm ~

Approx. Width: 4mm ~

*Please note packaging may vary and due to monitor screen settings, colors you see may be slightly different than the actual color of the product
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