Dolce® Gel Extentions Tips - Coffin - Short - Clear


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Our new soft gel tips are here and they're fabulous!

These soft gel tips are made of a pliable soft gel for easy attachment.

They can double as both a full cover nail that can be attached to the natural nail, or a full cover press-on nail.

These attach to the natural nail with gel if you'd like to use them as a full cover nail. A great gel to attach these with is : DOLCE® EXTENTION GEL 


  1. Push back cuticle and prep nail by gently buffing the nail surface. Make sure the nail surface is clean and oil free.
  2. Brush a thin layer of Dolce Primer gel on the natural nail, let cure under UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. 
  3. Make sure you did Etched the tips with e-file bit (or if you prefer to use acidic primer you may used on the tips inner part) to make long lasting
  4. Apply a small amount of Dolce Extention gel on the bottom of the nail extension tip. Press nail tip down firmly from cuticle to the free edge to spread this gel evenly. Cure for 60 seconds under LED light while holding the nail tip firmly in place.

Tips: We recommend sealing your extensions with gel top coat to add strength and to prevent fogging of the nail tip. For longer length extensions, we recommend applying Dolce Strengthener or another builder hard gel to create a stronger nail. 

If you're using these as a press on nail tip, we recommend using a press-on nail adhesive that is suitable for whether they'll be short term or long term use nails. For short term wear, we recommend using nail adhesive tape or for longer term wear, we recommend using a permanent nail glue. 

Shape: Coffin

Size: Short

Color: Clear

504 pcs. / 12 sizes

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