by Apres

$ 16.95
Replace your acrylic glue with Aprés Diamond Gel- the strongest gel adhesive on the market. Rhinestones, crystals, jewels, studs, etc- you name it. Aprés Diamond Gel is strong enough to support any and all shape and sizes of nail charm for an incredibly superior hold. No more fear of your nail charms falling off prematurely. Formulated to provide a long-lasting bond for polish & nail charms. Diamond gel can be used with any gel polish and charms to complete a beautiful nail art design.

Apply a small amount onto nail Aprés Gel brush, place charm in desired position and cure. Finish and seal entire nail with Aprés Gel Topcoat for a seamless & high shine finish.

***Highly recommended to use Diamond Gel with Ionic Gel for best results!***

(Order On Demand Product) All Presto/Ageha items have an additional processing time. (1-2 days prior to shipping)

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