DC 9D Cat Eye Smoothie Set 12

by DND

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Transform your nails into a stunning, 3-dimensional cat’s eye masterpiece. Simply activate the magnetic particles within an uncured coat for that captivating cat-eye effect

DC 9D Cat Eye Smoothie Set

  • 12 Count Gel Bottle
  • Includes Smoothie Cat Eye Swatch Board
  • Magnet Included
  • Cures in 30-45 seconds under a LED lamp or 2 minutes under a UV lamp
  • Cure only one nail at a time

How To Apply Cat Eye Gels:

  1. Prep the nails.
  2. Apply a Gel Base Coat.
  3. Apply your choice of DC Cat Eye Gel Polish.
  4. Create the Cat Eye Effect using a Magnet.
  5. Cure under a UV/LED Lamp – Cure ONE Nail At A Time
  6. If desired, apply any color gel base of choice
  7. Apply a Gel Top Coat.
  8. Apply Cuticle Oil

*Applying thick layers of gel color can result in an uneven cure leading to chipping and peeling.

NOTE: Full Set Orders may take an additional business day to pack and ship. All colors are not guaranteed to be available. If some colors are out of stock, we will try our best to acquire them. If it is not available, we may refund the missing items at the promotion price. Substitutions may not be available. If a large quantity is not available from the full set, we will notify you by email and by phone.

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