Decor Mystery Box

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$ 50.00
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Decor Mystery Box
ONLY $35 for $50 worth of DECORATION
Great for people who want to experiment with more
products to create variation of designs 
*Note: Items are chosen randomly and quantity/size/color selected may vary of stock availability of each product individually in each collection. There is NO repeat of same size/color of 1 product for more than 1 Mystery Box per order. Duplicates of items may occur if Mystery Box is purchased in multiple orders as items are chosen randomly.
Prices are based on Regular Price of items
Any requests of items will not be accepted
No Exchanges/Returns - All Sale Final
Décor Mystery Box may include the following items:
Ocean Holo Sapphire Glitter
Ocean Holo Sangria Glitter
Ocean Viridian Glitter
Ocean Illusion Glitter
Ocean Prism Flakes Glitter
Ocean Metallic Glitter Collection - Purple, Pink, Blue, & Gold/Silver
Ocean Aurora #1, #2, & #3 Glitter
Ocean 3D Aurora Rhombus Glitter
Ocean 3D Aurora Square Glitter
Ocean 3D Holo Star Glitter
Ocean Holographic Sparkle Glitter
Ocean Holographic Star Glitter
Ocean Holographic Triangle Glitter
Snow Flakes Glitter
Marquise Glitter
AB Mirror Glitter
Confetti Glitter 
Marble Stone - Circle/ Oval
Crushed Sea Shell Collection
Crushed Opalescent Shell
Crushed Opalescent Flakes
Jap. Fragment Shell (Ulta Thin)
Fragmented Shells
Jap. Decor
Striping Tape
Metal Balls
Natural Gemstones
Ocean Holographic Sticker
Holographic Sticker Sheet (Pre-Cut)
Holographic Sticker Nail Art
Sea Shell Sheet with Adhesive Backing

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