Dolce® Mixed Metal Beads


$ 6.75
$ 5.50

Dolce® Mixed Metal Beads

Color: Gold, Rose Gold, Grey, Silver

Solvent resistant !!!

Size: 8.5g  (by weight, not by volume) approx.: 250 beads

Including: 3mm, 2mm, 1.5mm beads

come in the 3g Dolce jar

Dolce® Perfect for all 3D decoration as center pieces. Real metal ball, not fade it all.


  • Apply base color (or create your art on the nail surface).
  • Apply a small amount of  Charm On Non Wipe gel than place the metal ball on the top . Let cure trough under UV/LED light.
  • Seal with Dolce® Diamond Top Gel 

 For Professional use only.

 Made in USA 

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