Glow in the Dark

$ 6.00
$ 5.25

Extreme Glow in the Dark pigment 3 colors available, you can mix it into gels, acrylic. To create the glow in the dark effect.

We suggest to use with Gossip gel in the jar, mix and apply as a top gel.  It works best over the top of the nails for maximum effect.  Also we don't suggest to use this product with builder gel.

These are FDA approved pigments that you could use on your nails.  It activates the glow in the dark property once it's charged in the UV lamp, LED lamp or out in the sun.  The glowing time depends on the time of exposure to the light source.  

The manufacture suggested to keep the pigment away from the sun in a cool place.  

*Please Note: The product is calculated by weight, not volume and each item is sold separately, please look at the subtext under the item name to se what you have selected to purchase. We weight all the jars to make sure they're 5grams/10grams as each powder has a different texture so the volume wont be the same in the jars when compared to each other but the weight is correct

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