Presto Clear (base) Gel Nail Polish 0.5oz

$ 24.95

Brand Presto

Give a Flexible Finish with Presto Clear Gel Nail Polish

Presto gel nail designs are an innovative way to refine your true colors. Our Presto nail gel polish helps your nails stay beautiful and strong, allowing you to prolong their life. With superb adhesion to natural nails and the flexibility and strength of rubber, presto clear gel nail polish is the perfect addition to your salon’s product line. When drying the polish will hardly shrink, giving a natural, comfortable and flexible finish.

each item for presto gel at regular price will come with a 50pcs Japanese decoration or 25pcs thick frame


We give you the ability to buy Presto nail polish wholesale. By purchasing in bulk, you will have plenty of Presto clear gel nail polish when you need it most.