by Presto

$ 11.95

Presto Standard series color gels in smaller size. High-quality, professional color gel specially tested for ease-of-use. Even, brilliant coloration for a beautiful finish. No mixing or shaking necessary. Brush sold separately. 

Both LED and UV light curable; recommended to cure with Presto LED light for the best cure.

Curing time : Presto LED Light - 20sec/UV Light (36W) - 120sec

Size: 0.1oz (2.7g)
Made in Japan. Store in a cool, dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity. 


#256 - #258 are semi-hard gels and cure with minimal stickiness due to minimized uncured gel. Makes doing French and other detailed designs much easier. Also makes it easier to place stickers and use certain glitters!

Finish: Sheer, Semi-Hard

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