by Presto

$ 2,800.00
 ♡ Presto Color Standard Series Set  
255 Colors

The Presto Color Standard Series Set offers a convenient way to purchase a full set of Presto Standard Series Colors at a discounted rate. 

♡ LED Gel System ♡ 

♡ Made in Japan ♡

♡ All Presto gels do not require mixing before use ♡

♡ High quality and HEMA free ♡


NOTE : Full Set Orders may take an additional business day to pack and ship. All colors are not guaranteed to be available. If some colors are out of stock, we will try our best to acquire them. If it is not available, we may refund the missing items at the promotion price. Substitutions may not be available. If a large quantity is not available from the full set, we will notify you by email and by phone.

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