Dreamy Pearls

by Presto

$ 7.00
$ 5.00
Dreamy Pearls
Each pearl is a multiple color pearl that has no pre-drilled hole.
Perfect to creating nail art and other applications.  
There's 4 sizes in the jar and each jar contains
10 pcs of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.  
Use it with Swarovski crystals or other decorations to create a cluster or use by itself as a center piece.  We suggest using the Gossip 4d gel or Presto Resin Gel to secure it onto the nail.
the set includes 1 jar each of the following colors:
Vivid Dream Pearls
Cotton Candy Dream Pearls
Day Dream Pearls
Lucid Dream Pearls
Midsummer Night's Dream Pearls
Romantic Dream Pearls
Sweet Dream Pearls
  *Please note: each color is sold individually, there are 7 colors and a set of each color are available, due to monitor screen settings, colors you see may be slightly different than the actual color of the product. Pictures are enlarged Use photos for references only.

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