Dolce® Chameleon Chrome Flakes #01


$ 14.75
$ 12.75

Dolce® Chameleon Chrome Flakes #01

Color: Multi color, shades of Gold-Pink-Scarabaeus Green

Size: 0.3g  (by weight, not by volume)

come in the 3g Dolce diamond jar

Dolce®  Chameleon Chrome Flakes pigment will give your nails the perfect Chameleon color change chrome effect finish.


  • Apply base color (Black or any dark color).
  • Apply a layer of the Dolce® Chrome Base Gel. (cure it 15 sec) 
  • Tapping the flakes to the nail (randomly or whole surface) 
  • Brush off excess powders off the nail with the Dolce® soft dust brush.
  • Seal with Dolce® Diamond Top Gel.

 For Professional use only.

 Made in USA 

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